Your Inner-Spring Treasure Trove
Your Inner-Spring Treasure Trove
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Your Inner-Spring Treasure Trove

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The Inner-Season Treasure Troves, including this Spring edition, are a collection of ceremonies, meditations and inner-journeys.

You are in your inner-spring each time when:

    •  the moon is waxing, 
    • or you are in your pre-ovulation phase 
    • or you want to reclaim or connect with the power and wisdom of Maiden archetype within you
    • or you feel energy and momentum are rising in you and you want to take full advantage of that 
    • or you feel your intuition is nudging you forward but somehow you are hesitating and you want to find the confidence to act upon that

This is when you will be finding the resources in the Inner-Spring Treasure Trove an amazing collection of support.

Divine Feminine Medicines for your whole being. 

These are allowing you to immerse and ignite the seasonal, cyclical energies in you. So you can receive gentle healing, intuitive soul messages, flood your body & mind with love in alignment with your inner-season. 

The cycles of your seasons are your personal inner eco-system to flow with your ups and downs whilst staying grounded and connected to yourself and have the ability to descend into your deeper inner-wisdom. 

You move through your inner-seasons  faster than the season in the external world. 

You experience and harness the power of your inner-spring through tapping into the energy of the waxing moon, spring season, the Maiden archetype, the direction East and the element air. 

There is everything in this Inner-Spring Treasure trove that is a true and powerful Waxing Moon energy! 

Waxing moon is all about getting into momentum and taking action. It is about ditching the self-doubt, believing in yourself and in your dreams! 

You get a truly transformational collection of resources addressing both of the above. 

You have two A-mazing very practical visualisations to get  and stay in momentum and to take inspired action. You can use both these short and focused visualisations over and over again: 

  • See, Hear, Feel Into Your Desires (MP3)
  • Tune Into Your Next Step (MP3)


And then you have another three very unique meditations/inner-journeys you have never experienced anywhere else. 

This is waxing moon energy for across generations. My big vision is to making connecting with the moon, and through that, with our cyclical nature as a norm  and these three meditations are fully aligned with that. 

These three meditations are for mothers, daughter and grandmothers for either stepping into or reclaiming our Maiden within. They are Menarche journeys that is a powerful threshold of the female rites of passage.

Menarche is all about preparing and owning the emotional and spiritual aspects of our menstruation, and our cyclical nature: 

  • Menarche Story Time For Girls - age: from first period to 16 (MP3)
  • Menarche - The Lost fairy Tale - age: 16-25 (MP3)
  • Reclamation Of Your Menarche - age: 25-105 (MP3)

All of these audio journeys come with a short workbook to anchor in the mediation and give you ideas for continuity of your new learnings: 

  • An Overview Of The Menarche Ceremonies (handbook for parents) (PDF)
  • Menarche Story Time For Girls Workbook (PDF)
  • Menarche - The Lost Fairy Tale Workbook (PDF)
  • Reclamation Of Your Menarche Workbook (PDF)

The Inner-Spring Treasure Trove has an additional short handbook: 

  • Get Connected With Your Inner-Spring (PDF)


This is an abundance of resources helping you to understand and align with your inner-spring energies.

Whilst it supports your emotional and spiritual wellbeing throughout the spring, it also enhances your journaling experience when you use it together with the Spring Daily Moon Journal. 

This is a digital product and a downloadable zip file will be delivered to you. 
You will receive a separate email with the download link in about 3-10 minutes after your purchase. It takes a while for the files to get prepared as it is a biggish file jam packed with value for you. So keep an eye out for the email. It will be worth it.