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Welcome Soul Sister

This is our virtual temple to reunite for all of us goddesses, priestesses, spiritual, soul-led women who have been apprentices of the divine feminine.

You can find resources and guidance for your journey of healing, finding the pieces of the puzzle and remembering your soul’s voice step by step.

You can tap into your sacred body wisdom - your cyclical nature - through the moon cycles and the seasons so that you can sync back into your own cycles, rhythm and inner-seasons.

With our Modern Goddess Creations, we want to help you to feel more grounded and connected so that you can harness your innate feminine gifts and powers to create what you desire. 

Hello, I'm Diana

We are always on our journey of finding our soul’s mission.
Mine got more focused and conscious in 2010-11 with my first shamanic workshop which was fascinating.Then I took a course about mindfulness. These things stayed on the level of personal interest for a while, but then, the feeling came that there must be more for me in this life.

I wanted to do something that creates a bigger difference in our lives. This is how I embarked on training in NLP and Hypnosis and completed all the levels possible. I also became a quantum healer and I loved it. I coached, and taught self-hypnosis courses.

Through a coincidence (or not 😉) I discovered Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, and with that, a deeper journey began. My own hero’s journey.

Fast forward to 2016 after a totally failed business and becoming a mother, I needed to find myself again. This is how the moon swooped into my view. EVERYTHING's changed.

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I started to understand something about me on a deeper level that I haven't before despite of my many years of healing journey, releasing negative emotions, traumas and limiting beliefs.

None of the spiritual or personal development disciplines I experienced, or used taught me what the moon did.

It taught me something fundamental about my soul’s journey in a female body.

It taught me something that in our society was not obvious knowledge to me.

It guided me to recognise my cyclical nature.

It guided me to explore my ups and downs, my ebbs and flows that are caused by the hormonal cycle (cyclical nature) in my body.

It guided me to understand that it is TOTALLY normal crying for no particular reason, or feeling frustrated, annoyed, lethargic, crazy… Does this sound familiar to you?

Since then, I helped hundreds of women to connect with their cyclic intelligence through tuning into the phases of the moon.
I showed them how to decode the intuitive messages of their body.
I guided them to let go of old beliefs, release blocks and construct new perspectives to shift and transform their reality.

Living with the moon activated my remembering and I know from experience that the Divine Feminine is not just a trendy concept but a real tangible tool for you in life and business.
This is what makes moon work both magical and powerful.

I’ve gone full cycle of finding myself, my soul and my path. I have found the work and life that I am here to live.

As I honed my practice, I’ve identified all the best and most impactful aspects of living with the moon cycles and our own cyclical nature.
This led me to create the moon journals.

These journals are a manifestation of years of my own practice, combined knowledge of my other trainings, and teaching other women to experience the Divine Feminine Lifestyle as I decided to call it.
Because it deserves its own name, it’s that important in a woman’s life!

The moon journals I create are not astrological calendars.
The moon is your shamanic, intuitive divine feminine guide to tap into your emotional and spiritual wellbeing, your own feminine gifts and inner-power.

My mission is to help as many women as possible to return to this sacred body-mind practice so that they can ride the emotional waves women continuously experience, whilst staying feeling grounded and connected to themselves. This is how they are able to cultivate more confidence and focus to move forward with their dreams and be the woman who they were meant to be. 

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