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A 9-month energetic container for ambitious, soul-led women to keep up the clarity, confidence and momentum to birth
and expand their desires by using a combination of my unique moon journaling process and moon cycle based coaching. 


£77 per month for nine months


Pay in full £693 and get a bonus 1:1 Desire Mapping Call

Hi, I'm Diana 

I helped many women to follow and achieve their desires.
In my experience, your reason as a woman to create financial and/or business success is as much as for your own happiness as well as your loved ones.

You envision a dream life and business that gives you  lightness, ease and joy.

And I know, that the male-shaped life based on strategies, technology and constant action can bring results, no doubt, but  won’t bring success with ease.

And this is not the only way to do things.

I help women to create and lead a desire-led life. 

I help women to focus on creating and living a life that is expansive and allowing you to be more than just your business identity. 

Working and living in a kinder way yet claiming all your power. 

Working and living in alignment with yourself as you follow a female-shaped way of success and happiness.

You will stop feeling stuck and frustrated.

You will let go of habits of over-thinking, and over-doing.

Instead, you'll strategically follow your intuition and become more grounded and fearless in achieving your goals.

This is not a masculine based program nor solely business focused. 

YOU choose your focus.

In Moon Led Expansion you'll be following and living your desires that matters to you the most.

You’ll learn the energetic side of your strategies and intuitively create your own (algo)rhythms.

I'll help you to have a crystal clear vision and dream, and to keep up your:



And Momentum

with a simple, accumulative, and balanced feminine & masculine approach, you’ll create a life you desire.

Join the Moon Circle for a nine month cycle to create sustainable success in an enjoyable way, in ANY areas of your life you choose to focus on.

You always grow.

Allow yourself to realise your growth and expansion in your life.

Purposefully use the natural rhythms of growth and expansion to support you to create the lightness and ease you crave.


£77 per month for nine months


Pay in full £693 and get a bonus 1:1 Desire Mapping Call

Join by the 1st October 2021

Why Nine Months?

It takes nine months to birth a new life.

Creating shifts, transformation and tangible results can happen much faster than nine month, but to sustain your energetic power, fully unfold and integrate your creation, takes time.

Throughout these nine months, I will guide you with my unique moon cycle based coaching,
as you'll use the Daily Moon Journal to:

➤ Deepen your connection with your body-wisdom and strengthen your health and wellbeing on all levels

➤ Converse with your soul daily, and be guided by your intuition

➤ Have an absolute trust in yourself

➤ Open up your throat and find your fearless voice so that you can ask for what you truly desire.

In our nine month cycle you’ll get into a lifelong habit to make space and time for yourself and the life you want.

You’ll define your sovereign space and find your own consistent rhythm and magic to bring forth what you want. 

“What a joy it is to work with Diana. She is so intuitive and easy to connect with. What I loved most about the process was being able to reach such a deep level without struggling. I feel my life has really shifted in a profound way with this work. It's intuitive and feminine allowing for restructuring at a very deep level. It was exactly what I needed in order to shift gears and release what's been keeping me stuck." - Kristen

"Diana has helped me to realign my true self with my business which means I can really progress. I'm excited to see how it all unfolds. If you have the opportunity to work with Diana go for it - she has a unique and very special skill set." - Kirsty

"I would highly recommend Diana to anyone who wants to embrace the feminine in them in a more powerful way!Her guided sessions were powerful and I was able to separate me, my business and my desires as separate things. That was an eye-opener for me.
I had some deep insights on woman cycles and how that affects the way we think, speak and take action." - Sara


£77 per month for nine months


Pay in full £693 and get a bonus 1:1 Desire Mapping Call

What is required from you?

Self awareness

Self honesty

Showing Up For Yourself.


You will have access to my support every week where I provide different type of calls on Zoom:

➤ Vision tune-in calls

➤ Hot seat and Q&As

➤ Healing ceremonies

➤ Wisdom calls where I teach you methods and concepts.

To make sure, I accommodate time zones and busy life, you can choose from two possible calls or attend both if you wish:

Tuesdays 11am UK timezone

Wednesdays 8pm UK timezone

The membership price includes your Daily Moon Journals in every season.

You will also have access to a library of resources at your own pace.