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Join our soul-connected community of women.

We believe in our feminine powers, our soul's path,
and the joy of women coming together to follow their desires,
and the wisdom of Grandmother Moon using our 5-phase Moon Flow. 


Can you feel that full body YES, that joy I am feeling?

Through many generations and soul journeys we are remembering.

We are finally gathering.

We're healing our disconnect from our cycles and bodies and tune into our sacred body-wisdom.

We're healing any shame or taboo and reconnecting with the phases of our womanhood.

We're breaking the mould and following our intuition as our strategy for life.

We walk the ground bare feet and we swim in the waters of Mother Earth to nourish ourselves.

We go outside, make a fire and marvel at the moon.

We close our eyes and trust our inner-guidance.

We are our own authority.

And I know that you have been doing the work to get here. It wasn’t smooth sailing, you’ve had your pains, fears and doubts and shit storms to go through.
You have been healing, transforming, and rewriting your story.

You’ve been cutting cords with toxic dynamics and ancestral wounds, remembering who you are, and creating your very own foundations for you and your loved ones.

You are fully stepping into and saying yes everyday to a more aligned, energetic way of living, working and being.

You are putting your health, wealth and happiness on sustainable foundations from the inside out guided by Soul.

This is a place where you're supported and empowered to keep stepping into this life.


£22 per month - cancel anytime


Pay £220 annually & save 2 months + a bonus 1:1 Intuitive call

What is included in this #mooncirle?

5-phase Moon Flow

Every Monday morning, you'll receive an email message with a moon guidance following my 5-phase Moon Flow. This is the core guiding principle of our Sisterhood, and it is an intuitive strategy for business and life. An energy & action system. 
This will help you to stay in flow, and keep taking inspired action.

Through these guidances, you will learn this system and will be able to apply it as a strategy to all areas of your life and business to map out your growth. 

Daily Moon Journals

In each season, a daily moon journal will be posted for you and you can journal in your own time, as well as receive support and accountability in the sisterhood.

This is a unique guided moon-journaling system helping you to connect and observe your cyclical nature through a 2-minutes daily anchoring practice. This give you a foundation for your emotional and spiritual wellbeing and keep you grounded and connected. 
More information about the journals here

Monthly Ceremonies/Healing

Once in each moon cycle, we'll gather for ceremony on Zoom. These ceremonies will have themes from the moon cycle, seasons, and wheel of the year.
Each ceremony will have a purpose and layered with gentle shamanic medicine for you to heal, integrate and expand. 

We may create these opportunities in person too. 

Sharing Circles

You'll have an additional sharing circle once in each cycle. We will use these circles to have some fun, light, or even deeper reflective time together. Because women thrive and flourish when stay connected and share their ups and downs without judgement. 
The purpose of these circles is to:
- share about our moon journaling experiences 
- replenish our souls and inspirations through connecting. 

We may create these opportunities in person too. 

Online Portal

Over the years, I have created many delicious and powerful meditations, inner-journeys, workbooks. In our online library you can access these downloadable resources whenever you need them. 

This is also where you can find all practical information of how and when we gather, how you can chat with me, and access replays of our other sessions and guest expert masterclasses in your own time.

I am just like you, I've gone through the highs and lows of life, done the healing, the inner-work, transformation, as well as taking action, and then I came to a point...

Have you ever come to a point in your life where you felt you've gone through so much, and through that, you've found your path and knew that you cannot go back to the old ways and want to live, love and work differently?

This is where I was more than once, but I kept missing this portal a few times before finally walking through it. 
When you are there, it is exactly the moment that tells you, you have created the new energetic you and it is time to integrate it and live it.

You have become the river. You ARE flow.

Working with the moon is like fully being in flow, feeling and experiencing the flow with your skin, with your eyes, with your ears moving in you.

You are moving with the cycles inside your body, and the cycles showing up in the different areas of your life.

Following the moon is not about looking for that energetic you, it is becoming it by living it and being it.

If you are ready to accept all your life wisdom, healing and transformation, the moon is here to continuously keep you on your path, not falling back into the old, but making your life happen from that spiritual energetic being who you have become.

No more rushing, and pushing but your feminine teaching your masculine to flow with her. 
No more focusing on the wounds but receiving the gifts and wisdoms of your ancestors and your soul. 
Living your flow.

Are you ready? 


Pay £220 annually & save 2 months + a bonus 1:1 Intuitive call