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☯︎In this podcast we explore our innate feminine creative energies, and how we can use these in our daily practical lives to move forward.

We reconnect with the wild, wise woman within us utilising our sacred body wisdoms to find our own rhythms to follow our own paths.

We revive our connection with our own cyclical nature through the moon cycles and the cycles of the seasons so we can stay centred, grounded and connected with ourselves.

You will hear tips, wisdom, knowledge, interviews and practical ideas and resources on how to actually use the feminine in your daily practical life.
So why not sit back, relax and listen to find out what this episode has in store for you.

I am your host Diana Adamko - Moon Journal Maker, Medicine Woman, Intuitive Coach.  

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We Hand-picked A Few Episodes For You Here

Conversation #23 - The Feminine Shift

In 2016, I was at a big crossroad in my life.
I thought I just needed some inspiration or someone to just give me a break... Instead, I was lead to a totally new and unexpected path.
A path that is not widely recognised as a recipe for success in our patriarchal world. But it is a path that redefines us as a person and as a woman, brings us into our power in the most loving, joyous, even ambitious and fulfilled sense....
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Conversations #24 - The Energy And Meaning Of The Full Moon

Full Moon - Mysterious, magical and intense.
These words speak for themselves when you want to get to know the energy of the full moon.

But these words are just our staring points and we go deeper into its energy. The full moon holds so much wisdom as we unfold the collective stories attached to it....
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Conversation #16 - Managing Menopause Naturally with Caroline Gaskin part 1

Caroline Gaskin is a homeopath and a Natural Health Coach.
Her wisdom about menopause is gold dust and magical. She has a way of tapping into the ways of our physical body that will uplift you and you will fall in love with yourself and your body as you navigate through this utterly remarkable part of your life: MENOPAUSE.
Menopause has many phases and faces.In part one of our conversation, we talked about the changes our soul goes through....
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Conversation #8 - Co-Creating with your Cyclical Nature for more Flow, Clarity & Bliss with Khalsa Morgan

Khalsa Morgan is the founder of Rewilding the Womb
Khalsa supports, educates and empowers women to connect with the magic of their menstrual cycle and tap into their wild power, finding more flow, ease, creativity, joy and connection to themselves. After years of suffering with intense PMS, she started to practice Fertility Awareness Method and later Menstrual Cycle Awareness...
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