Your Inner-Winter Treasure Trove
Your Inner-Winter Treasure Trove
Your Inner-Winter Treasure Trove
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Your Inner-Winter Treasure Trove

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The Inner-Season Treasure Troves, including this Winter edition, are a collection of ceremonies, meditations and inner-journeys.

You are in your inner-winter each time when:

    •  it is new moon, 
    • or you are having your period 
    • Or you want to reclaim and connect with the power and wisdom of the Wise Woman/Crone archetype within you
    • or you feel you want to cocoon and hibernate, have time to yourself and just rest and recharge
    • you are craving some self-loving, nurturing time 
    • or you feel stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated and want to decompress and re-ground yourself 
    • or you cannot hear your own inner-voice properly from all the external noise. 

This is when you will be finding the Inner-Winter Treasure Trove resources an amazing collection of support.

Divine Feminine Medicines for your whole being. 

These are allowing you to immerse and ignite the seasonal, cyclical energies in you. So you can receive gentle healing, intuitive soul messages, flood your body & mind with love in alignment with your inner-season. 

The cycles of your seasons are your personal inner eco-system to flow with your ups and downs whilst staying grounded and connected to yourself and have the ability to descend into your deeper inner-wisdom. 

You move through your inner-seasons faster than the cycle of the seasons in the external world. 

You experience and harness the power of your inner-winter through tapping into the energy of the new moon, winter season, the Wise Woman archetype, the direction North and the element earth. 

    With these inner-winter essential and soul-nourishing resources you'll be equipped to transmute these energies and utilize them to:

    • feel the replenishing and supportive side of winter
    • get clarity and motivation 
    • pick up your energy and emotions 
    • enjoy and welcome the dark, cold, slow season and understand how to make the most of it to move forward in your life, business, health, etc. 

    Whilst it supports your emotional and spiritual wellbeing throughout the winter, it also enhances your journaling experience when you use it together with the Winter Daily Moon Journal. 

    This is a digital product and a downloadable zip file will be delivered to you.
    You will receive a separate email with the download link in about 3-10 minutes after your purchase. It takes a while for the files to get prepared as it is a biggish file jam packed with value for you. So keep an eye out for the email. It will be worth it.  

    You will get:

    • A Guided New Moon Journey (MP3)
    • A New Moon Activation (MP3)
    • A Deeply Restorative Relaxation Guided Meditation for the mind, body and soul. (MP3) 
    • An 'Honour Your Inner-Winter' Guided Ritual (MP3)
    • A Walking Meditation to connect deeper with nature during these months. (MP3)
    • A guided Journal to connect with the Wise Woman Within you who is the corresponding female archetype with winter. (PDF)
    • A Get Connected With Your Inner-Winter Handbook (PDF)
    • A New Moon Activation & Ritual Handbook (PDF)